News Item: Puerto Morelos Marina El Cid Fleet Cancun to Cozumel
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Posted by Richie
Fri Feb 17 2017, 03:59PM

It was a very busy fishing week from the Marina El Cid in Puerto Morelos this past week and we are expecting many more fishing charters during the next few months as the seasonal weather improves and the beginning of the billfish season that tends to peak during the month of May each year and will include the white and blue marlin along with increased sailfish counts on a daily basis. There were 68 charters this past week that accounted for 3 early season sailfish, 103 bonito, 1 giant Atlantic barracuda, 9 blackfin tuna, 1 shark, 120 chackchi, 57 snappers, 30 triggerfish, 15 amberjack, 3 grunts, 6 sawfish, 1 blue runner, 32 banana fish, & 1 coronado.
PM Climate: A partly cloudy week with a couple of sunny days and daytime temps at 82.4 average with nights at 69.4 degrees. Humidity ration at 68.6%. Monday had morning showers and Thursday some PM shower possibilities.
Sea Conditions: Tropical surface breezes flowing in mostly from the easterly directions at 11mph. Sea temps are stable at 80 degrees in all directions. 
Best Bait: The continuation of the ballyhoo baits remain the baits of choice for the anglers and the crews.
Bait Supply: An excellent supply of ballyhoo baits that supplies the entire Marina El Cid Sport Fishing Fleet on a daily basis and comes with the price of the charters.
Our Local Reporter: Ms. Lily Valdez, Fishing Reservationist for the Marina El Cid and local fishing reporter for Puerto Morelos area.

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