News Item: Mazatlan Report For The Aries Fleet
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Posted by Richie
Fri Feb 17 2017, 03:49PM

The super panga action continues to out pace the off shore billfish action by leaps and bounds, albeit, the inshore action produces smaller fish. The inshore action continues to keep the anglers in full swing busy and is producing near limit fishing on red snappers and an assortment of mixed bag fishes to keep the anglers more than occupied and thinking about what next is coming up? This past week we had 19 off shore fishing days that produced 6 stripers, (3 released) 1 sailfish released and 1 dorado, and that was better than it has been during the past several weeks. The inshore fishing has been nothing short of some really good eating fish for the anglers and their 7 days of fishing produced 193 snappers, 10 groupers, 1 barracuda, 1 pampano, 3 Sierra and 3 trigger fish for their efforts.
Mazatlan Climate: Mostly sunny days with an occasional partially cloudy day and rain for Saturday and Sunday. Daytime air temps averaged 76 degrees and cooler nights at 53 degrees. (You may find it more comfortable to have a light wind-breaker or jacke for the mornings). Humidity ratio has averaged 70.2% for the week.
Sea Conditions: Surface breezes have been from variable directions and averaging about 10.8 mph. Water temps inshore have been at 71 degrees on average and off shore at 74 degrees.
Best Fishing Area: Most of the billfish are coming from the area southwest of the Marina El Cid, starting at aboud 18 miles or so and then working outbound from there.
Best Bait/Lure: The billfish have preferred the freshly rigged trolling baits.
Bait Supply: Even with the full moon, the bait supply has been very good and kept up with the supply and demands. Live bait remains at $1.00 per bait and paid direct to the bait vendor at time of receipt. Trolling baits are provided gratis as part of the charters.
Our Local Reporter: Ms. Kitcia Berenice Ceja Diaz, continues to be our "Ace" reporter for this area and has all of the important fishing information readily available for anglers. 

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