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Fri Feb 17 2017, 03:46PM

The bright, full moon of the past week, did not help to restore the billfish bite and neither did the rapidly changing water temperatures through out the entire area & on both sides of the peninsula. The overall combined fish counts for the total of 25 days fished reflected 1 striper released, (caught aboard the "Gaviota VIII" in the Herradura area), 1 dorado, 34 yellowfin tuna ranging 15 to 30 lbs., 14 skipjack, 21 roosterfish, 10 Sierra, 4 jack crevalle, (aka toro)and 43 triggerfish. 
Cabo Climate: A nearly perfect sunny week with a single port closure day on the 13th, and until the weekend rolled around and turned it to rain. Daytime temps averaged 72.5 with the cooler days coming toward the weekend. Night time temps averaged 56.4 for cooler mornings all week long, (consider a light jacket or rain gear for the weekend). Humidity ratio is 75.2%.
Sea Conditions: Surface breezes on Monday thru Friday at 10-11 mph and flowing mostly from the southwest. Saturday, winds picking up at 21 mph and blowing out of the south and changing on Sunday to the west at 17 mph. Rain on Saturday and Sunday and rougher sea conditions. Mixed up sea conditions through the week and changing water temps along both sides of the peninsula. About a 5-7 miles span of 70 degree water from the Finger Bank to the Golden Gate Bank and down across the outer Jaime Bank existed with cooler water both inshore and off shore from there. There was about a 10 mile block of 72 degree water about 5 miles to the southwest of the Jaime Bank, Cooler water from todos Santos and extending out to the southeast of Cabo San Lucas to about 50-plus miles or so is mostly all in the upper 60s. Cabo Falso to Cabo San Lucas and out to about 10 miles or so is all at 71-72. Cabo San Lucas to the upper end of San Jose Del Cabo is at 69 degrees. There is a 10-15 mile block of warmer water surrounding the Gorda Banks at 72 degrees and then, north to Las Frailes is all at 70 degrees.
Best Fishing Area: Golden Gate Bank and outer Jaime Bank for the YFT with fish weights to about 30 lbs.
Best Bait/Lure: Live bait working well for the inshore roosterfish and smaller artificial lures, (similar to hoochies) for the yellowfin tuna.
Live Bait Supply: The live bait supply remains good at the $3.00 per bait rate.
Our Local Reporters: Gaviota Fleet Manager, Carlos Pena and Captain Roberto Marquez, Fish Cabo Fleet Owner.

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