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Posted by Richie
Fri Feb 17 2017, 04:20PM

We started the day right with a 209 and a handful of other “stock” 80 – 90 pound fish. After that though it was a real struggle; made more so by the appearance of fish, and worthy conditions, but scant production. So goes the battle. Obviously on the down side of the cycle at present all we can do is bide our time, make the most of what we have to work with, and hope (pray) that some change for the better will occur during the next few days. 
On the plus side of the equation we are living the dream in the way of weather and scenery. Every evening that blessed refuge behind the island is a heavily respite that can not be overstated. That piece of tranquility replaces the day's challenges with pure delight. But, admittedly, right dow that delight would be magnified ten times over if some stronger fishing production was part of the package. Needless to say we'll be back at it tomorrow kicking, scratching, and clawing our way along until something changes for the better; or it's time to head home...
Photo today features long time Royal Star veteran and master angler Dale Kurata with his hugely satisfying 209 picked off on the sardine right at daylight. Not without an extraordinary number of travails before triumph this success story is directly attributed solid rigging. Without question this fish would have been long gone with anything less.

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