News Item: Fishermans Landing Long Range ~ Royal Polaris Slowing Down
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Posted by Richie
Fri Feb 17 2017, 04:14PM

It turned out to be another very good day on big tuna, even though around 2:00 this afternoon we were stuck on 3 tuna and 3 wahoo.  Late afternoon the action picked back up and we wound up landing an additional 12 Yellowfin.  You must be as tired of reading about it as we are contending with it, but the total lack of current continues to plague us.  It’s actually somewhat amazing that you can spot a floating object, and a half an hour later it’s pretty much in exactly the same area.  No, it hasn’t been a burden on kite fishing for most of the trip, but it too saw very little action until late in the day. 
Once again, there were some very impressive fish and the average remains 120 and up. Big fish honors today go to Brandon Stevens who landed a 225 off the kite.  There was another Accurate reel on the line for a non-kite fish 200 or better and it would have claimed by John Collins who hit the number right on the nose (in addition to a 165 kite fish).  John’s bait fish is now the largest non-kite on the boat and this was his second cow of the trip.  There were a few other fish in the 190s and Dave Downs got a shower for landing a 150 personal best (beating out 2 other prior p.b.s).
The temperature here is even hotter than the fishing, but a good breeze throughout the day helped out big time.  The clock has begun ticking off the number of fishing days left, and the freezers are filling with the current RSW almost full and a second fresh RSW cooling down now and being readied for tomorrow.  We’ll do our best to plug that one too in the time remaining.

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