News Item: Fishermans Landing Long Range ~ Royal Polaris The Action Continues
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Posted by Richie
Thu Feb 16 2017, 04:29PM

FishermansIt was another action filled fun day of fishing on the Royal Polaris, which saw 25 quality tuna and a lone wahoo landed. It was a slow scratch most of the day until around 4 this afternoon when nearly half the day’s catch came aboard in just an hour or so.  The excellent grade didn’t change and 3 more cows were landed. John Collins got big fish honors with an extremely tough 225, Andre Mc Collough and, Buddy Stevens both got 202s.  I believe I may have failed to mention that Buddy also got another 202 back on the 12th.  All these cows as well as every cow we’ve landed thus far have come off the kite.  Greg Curry was almost there (and a scale may have put him on the mark), but the chart read 199 on his kite fish.
The only complaint anyone  can have about the fishing here is the persistent lack of current which makes getting a bait out into the “zone” not impossible, but very  difficult.  One finds themselves hardly ever straight off the stern where the chum is constantly tossed,  and you can imagine how frustrating it is to soak a bait for 20 minutes or so and still find yourself just a few yards from the boat.  It certainly makes you appreciate what it was like back in “the old days” before the long range fleet flew kites. Jack downgraded the qualifications for his reel to 175 from yesterday’s 200, and since he was still unable to give it away, drew a number at dinner.  Lucky angler with a brand new Accurate 600X is Dr. Peter Douglas.  Congrats to Pete and to Bob Ramirez who we sang happy birthday to at dinner tonight.  Weather also continues to be beyond excellent.  If you’ve got to be stuck in a pattern, this is a good one to repeat.  We hope to do just that tomorrow.

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