News Item: Fishermans Landing Long Range ~ Royal Polaris Less Numerous But Even Bigger
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Posted by Richie
Wed Feb 15 2017, 04:02PM

Another great day of fishing here, which saw just a few less fish landed than yesterday.  There’s a new king cow on board after today.  We continue to be amazed and pleased at the great quality of fish we are catching, and if you hook up, with few exceptions you can expect a 140 to 180 pound fish.  One such exception was Skip Kenison, our seniorist citizen, who with a bit of help from the crew brought in a 243 which is the current big fish of the trip.  Another exception was Stan Brown’s 202.  Both fish were hooked on the kite which outperformed standard bait fishing by far. Once again, the current and wind combination made getting a bait out nearly impossible.  The kite is obviously immune to such adverse conditions, and the passengers find themselves biding time for the most part, until it’s their turn on the kite.  That’s not to say we didn’t get a few fish on bait, but it’s a lot harder, and more frustrating to do so.  If the current picks up or the wind backs off, we could quickly find ourselves with a serious case of sore muscle syndrome!  There were several other tuna that also taped 190 to 199.
Jack put up another Accurate reel for the largest non-kite fish over 200 pounds, but once again it went unclaimed and will rollover until tomorrow.  I overheard several of the guys commenting that this has become a very relaxing, pressure free trip, mainly because everyone has some great fish under their belt, and plenty of time to add to their totals.
The RSW hold opened up around lunch which always makes you try just a little bit harder in order to bring home the finest sushi grade Yellowfin available anywhere.  We’re going nowhere else for now and look forward to repeat performances tomorrow.

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