News Item: Fishermans Landing Royal Polaris From The Bridge
(Category: Long Range)
Posted by Poseidon
Sun Feb 12 2017, 03:45PM

The first day of fishing brought excellent results. We didn’t arrive in time for the morning bite and started off seeing if any wahoo wished to come aboard. 25 of them decided to accept our invitation and several were in the extra-large category. What a great start! When we started to target tuna, results were close to the same with 21 Yellowfin landed. The majority were in the 120 to 150 class and the big fish honors go to Andre Mc Collough who landed a taped, 183 Yellowfin, off the kite. Our official certified scale is off somewhere being repaired, so all weights this trip will be taped/estimated, until we return to Fisherman’s landing. Jack offered up a lure pack, for the first wahoo, and a pair of Accurate Piranha rigging pliers for largest tuna over 150. Both prizes were won by, John Collins, who was on fire for both species today. There are several passengers who are on their first trip of this duration and even though we had no cows for the day, Sam Lewin, Pat Hickman, and Bruce Wurth all got their personal bests today with tuna over 100lbs. Now that’s the way to start a trip and tons of time to make those P.B’s even heavier! The weather was even better than the fishing, with just enough wind to keep the kites up, and a warm sun that bordered on uncomfortably hot when it peeked through the clouds in the middle of the day. Bait fishing and kite fishing both produced and needless to say we’re in no hurry to leave here after today’s results. Tonight we’ll try and get some bigger baits for the kite and we’ll be at it long before the sun rises to test out the morning bite tomorrow. All in all it was just what the Dr. ordered to work out the nervous energy we’ve been storing up since we left. No problems, no complaints, and not even a significant tangle today. It’ll be a tough act to follow tomorrow but we’ll see if we can top it with a full day of fishing.


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